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  • Small-Scale Organic Processing Opportunities

    Certification, Infrastructure & Equipment, Value-Added

    Small-Scale Organic Processing Opportunities

    At the 2010 organic conference and trade show, organic inspector and farmer Brian Ives discusses his experiences inspecting processing plants across Atlantic Canada.  He sees opportunities for small-scale processing operations for organic value-added foods.

  • Gwendolyn Simpson: The Importance of Holistic Value Adding

    Business & Marketing, Value-Added

    Gwendolyn Simpson:  The Importance of Holistic Value Adding

    Gwendolyn Simpson, of Inspired Market Gardens in Carvell, AB, discusses the most important aspects of value-adding for organic products, including the value of co-operation (joint marketing efforts, processing, etc), the value of other farming and related activities (value-added is beyond working with your products, but includes experiential interaction with customers and clients, such as farm tours, etc) and the value of "working the numbers":  know your costs!  "A burger from the rainforest should cost $200".  (5mins:60secs)

  • Organic Market Garden


    Organic Market Garden; Landbase; Buildings; Inputs and Fertility; Equipment; Challenges; Value-added Potential
  • Value-Added Resources for Organic Farms and Businesses in the Maritimes by ACORN


    Value-added: Resources for organic farms and businesses in the Maritimes by ACORN: Finding New Value; Organic Certification for Processing; Organic Processor Profiles; Resources
  • Value Plus: A Quest for New Organic Farm Value Workshop Handbook


    Value Plus - A Quest for New Organic Farm Value Workshop Handbook: Value-adding; Value-added process; Idea development; Market development; Product & Service development; Building a value-added business; Skill assessment; Risks; Planning
  • Food Processing Guide

    Food Skills, Value-Added

    This Nova Scotia-created guide is intended to help you develop your food processing business.  Whether you’re new to the food industry and starting a new business, or are considering expanding your existing operation, you’ll find the tools you need here.

  • Holistic business/Life: Our Journey with Strategic Farm Planning

    ACORN Conference, Value-Added

    Presented by Tim and Kirsten Livingstone, Strawberry Hill Farm, at the 2015 ACORN Conference PEI

    Slideshow of presentation available here

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    ACORN Conference, Business & Marketing, Value-Added

    Presented by Michelle Wolf (Director of Training FMNS) at the 2015 ACORN Conference PEI

    Access slideshow here

  • Plenary 15 Years - ACORN Beginnings - Panel Discussion MP3

    ACORN Conference, Value-Added

    Plenary Panel discussion at the 2015 ACORN Conference PEI in (MP3)

  • Preparing Whole Foods

    ACORN Conference, Food Skills, Value-Added

    In this workshop from the 2013 ACORN Conference in Moncton, Diane Savoie used local, organic, whole foods to create delicious appetizers for the audience to enjoy. She illustrated the importance of cooking with little to no waste, by using food scraps for making stocks. Diane never uses recipes, but the following notes should give you an idea of the ingredients used, and how they are prepared.

  • Preserving the Harvest: Intro to Lacto-Fermentation

    Food Skills, Season Extension, Urban Farming & Gardening, Value-Added

    Having both grown up in the city, Bryan Dyck and Shannon Jones of BroadFork Farm came to realize that their vision of farming included a desire to homestead. Their favorite way to preserve their harvests is through lacto-fermentation. At the 2016 Homesteading Symposium in Dieppe, they presented 3 styles of lacto-fermented vegetables: kimchi, sauerkraut and pickle.