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Farm Business Webinar Series with Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork

Date(s) Dec 1, Jan 19, Feb 16 - all 8pm-9:30pm AST


Farm Business Webinar Series with Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork

ACORN's Grow A Farmer Learning Series presents the Farm Business Webinar Series with Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork. 

Chris Blanchard provides consulting and education for farming, food, and business through Purple Pitchfork. As the owner and operator of Rock Spring Farm since 1999, Chris raised twenty acres of vegetables, herbs, and greenhouse crops, marketed through a 200-member year-round CSA, food stores, and farmers markets. Prior to 1999, Chris managed student farms, worked as an intern, packing house manager, plant breeding assistant, and farm manager, and provided consulting for a major organic processor, in California, Wisconsin, Maine, and Washington state. His workshops, writing, and consulting throughout the country about farm business concepts, food safety, organic vegetable production, and scaling-up have gained a reputation for fresh approaches, down-to-earth information, and honesty.

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December 1st - 8pm AST (75 minutes plus Q&A) - Capturing and Organizing Data for GAPs, Organic Certification, and Other Endeavors - Paperwork can be the bane of the certified-organic, GAPs-audited, and financially-aware farmer. Learn how to capture information, get on top of your paperwork, and wow your inspector, auditor, and banker. Chris Blanchard will provide an overview of the basic techniques he and his crew used to gather information and keep it organized for easy access with a minimum of effort.

January 19th - 8pm AST (75 minutes plus Q&A) - What It’s Worth: Pricing Produce for Profit - Being a sustainable farmer is more than the farming methods you use, it also means ensuring you can stay in business regardless of your marketing outlet.  Chris Blanchard will help you navigate pricing strategies to meet your customer needs and your farm's bottom line.

February 16th - 8pm AST (75 minutes plus Q&A) - Buy My Rutabagas: Marketing Horticultural Crops to Food Stores - To market your produce to food stores, you need to understand the world of retail produce. Chris Blanchard will share his approach to marketing to produce buyers, including communication, branding, how to determine your price, and how stores determine their prices.

These webinars are FREE for ACORN members and are otherwise $25 each for non-members or $60 for the combo non-member package which grants access to all three sessions. Recordings are only made available to ACORN Members. 

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