An ACORN Event

Organic CSA Contest

Date(s) April 22 - May 13
Organic CSA Contest

About the CSA Network

ACORN’s CSA Network is a newly launched, collective effort of the organic CSA community – farmers and shareholders – to raise awareness of local organic CSAs and to support the overall CSA movement in Atlantic Canada.

Fully embracing the true CSA spirit, we are looking to our community – farmers and consumers – to make an investment with us to build and sustain the CSA Network. We envision these costs being shared for mutual benefit, contributing to work that promotes and supports this unique and viable model of local food production and access in our region. 

To help us cover our initial expenses, we are launching a Start-Up Support Campaign, hoping to raise at least $3,000 with contributions from CSA farmers and supporters to allow us to fulfill our ambitious list of first-year promotional activities. Whatever level of support you are able to offer – $35, $50, $100, or more – is welcome!

Here are a few examples of the activities we plan to pursue in 2015:

  • ONLINE, WIDESPREAD ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: Run an online ad campaign promoting the CSA Directory and CSA sign-ups this spring
  • CSA NETWORK LOGO & BRAND: Develop a CSA Network logo and brand for Fall 2015 promotions and beyond
  • PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN: Prepare a promotional campaign for 2016 (postcards, CSA pick-up signage, other print materials, media outreach/advertising)
  • CONSUMER RESOURCES: Create a more consumer-oriented website with resources to educate potential and new shareholders on what CSAs are all about and to engage them with storage and preservation tips, recipes, etc.

Why Contribute?

Individuals who contribute will:

  • Join alongside farmers investing in public outreach and education to further the positive impacts of local organic food and CSAs
  • Be entered into a draw for a chance to win a free weekly share* of organic veggies for the season for contributions of $20 or more

*Limited to a half-share option. Contest ends May 13th.

CSA is not quite yet a household name, but we hope that through our collective actions that someday it will be!