An ACORN Event

Climate Change & Agriculture Winter Webinar Series

Date(s) January 23, 30 & February 13 (NEW DATES)

7:00-8:30pm Atlantic Time

Climate Change & Agriculture Winter Webinar Series

Please register by noon the day before each webinar.

This webinar series will focus on practical climate change adaptation solutions for organic agriculture, featuring:

January 23 - Climate Resilience on Maritime Farms

Bernard Soubry is a Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.

Storms, droughts, chaos in the seasons: climate change is here, and we should all be worried—especially when it comes to producing food in the Maritimes. But how do we move beyond a vague sense of foreboding into a something that has purpose? What exactly are we up against, and how can those who safeguard the food system keep it resilient in the coming decades? 

In his webinar, Bernard will talk about the latest climate change projections for the Maritime region and how those are likely to affect the food system. He’ll report back on the Climate Resilience on Maritime Farms research project, which has documented the impact of climate change on production in the Maritimes; and he’ll offer ideas and insights from across the region on how to change practices and policy towards resilience and adaptation across the food system. All questions are welcome. 

You can read more about Bernard’s research at

January 30 - Climate Adaptive Farming: Preparing Eastern Canadian Farms for Climate Disruption

Connor Stedman is a field ecologist, ecological designer, and educator based in the Hudson River Valley of New York. As a lead designer at AppleSeed Permaculture, Connor specializes in applying carbon-farming practices to the design and management of diverse, resilient farms. Connor organized the internationally recognized Carbon Farming Course in 2012 and holds an M.S. in Ecological Planning from the University of Vermont.

By regenerating ecosystem processes, farms and landscapes can be designed for resilience in the face of climate change. This webinar will explore ecological farm design principles and solutions for climate adaptation in Eastern Canada, including on-farm water management, crop and landscape biodiversity, productive buffers and corridors, tree-based agriculture, and trialing new crops for the region. 

February 13 - Pathways to Carbon Farming in Eastern Canada: Strategies, Systems, and Crops for Agricultural Carbon Sequestration

Agriculture can play a major role in mitigating climate change through on-farm carbon sequestration. In this webinar, Connor will discuss current global knowledge and practice in both belowground and aboveground carbon storage on farms. We will explore the roots of carbon farming in traditional agriculture worldwide, and examine a suite of carbon farming practices and crops well suited for adoption by farmers in Eastern Canada. Particular attention will be placed on the co-benefits of carbon farming systems for farm viability and ecosystem resilience.

Please note that sessions with Eric Toensmeier previously scheduled on January 9th & 16th are CANCELLED.