Our Atlantic Canada Program

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security was launched in February 2013 to help build the national movement to conserve and advance seed biodiversity, keep seed in the public domain, and promote ecological seed production. ACORN is proud to be the host organization for this work in Atlantic Canada! 

ACORN coordinates many activities under this banner, including seed field days, events & workshops, research projects, support for seed libraries, and joint administration of Atlantic Canada Regional Seed Bank in Truro, NS.  National programs and projects are detailed on the program website, as are many seedy resources. Please visit seedsecurity.ca or semencessecures.ca.

Steph Hughes is the Regional Coordinator for this program in Atlantic Canada. If you'd like to receive updates about seedy events, activities and projects in Atlantic Canada, you can subscribe to Steph's monthly (ish) e-news by sending her an email. Seed events are also included in ACORN's comprehensive Event Calendar.

This program is made possible thanks to the vision and leadership of Gretchen Bauta, member of the Weston family. It is delivered by USC Canada, in partnership with Seeds of Diversity Canada and through the generous support of The W. Garfield Weston Foundation.

Farmer-to-Farmer Seed Mentorship Program

This program exists to help connect experienced seed growers with farmers looking to increase the scale, quality, and/or diversity of seed they are saving on-farm. Each season farmers are paired together for approximately 30 hours of mentorship between May 1 and November 30th. As part of this self-directed program, mentors and mentees work together - via phone, email, and field visits - to help mentees reach their seed growing goals. The 2017 program is full. For more information about the this program, pleaes contact Steph.

Seed Grow-out Program

The Atlantic Canada Regional Seed Bank was established in 2014 to increase supply and access to regionally significant, regionally adapted varieties of vegetables, grains, and herbs. The seed bank is run in partnership by ACORN, Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture, and Seeds of Diversity, and is located in Truro, NS. The seed bank is supported by a network of 20-25 organic and ecological growers in four Atlantic provinces who curate the seed collection, grow out the varieties to maintain and improve them, and contribute new varieties each year. The seed bank servies primarily Atlantic region farmers and would not exist without their hard work and careful stewardship of seed. For more information about the seed bank, pleaes contact Steph.

Seed Libraries Support

In an ongoing effort to support partners running seed libraries and community seed collections, we've developed a "Seed Library Education Kit." The kit includes a large format poster (36" x 52") titled "What is a Seed Library?" (click here to see it), as well as a take-away (5" x 7") postcard (View page 1 here, reverse page here.) These resources are currently being translated to French, and an accompanying PPT presentation with complementary information is being developed. If you're interested in acquiring these resources for use as part of your community seed collection/initiative, please contact Steph. 

Get in Touch!

  • ACORN Office main phone: 506-536-2867 (Moncton and Sackville)
  • ACORN Office toll-free: 1-866-322-2676
  • Regional Coordinator's Home Office: 902-453-4455
  • Email: seed@acornorganic.org
  • Twitter: @seedsecurityca