Organic Resource Library Search Help

The Organic Resource Library Search tool searches all ACORN resources. You can use any combination of category, resource type and keywords in your search. Once you have selected and/or entered your criteria, click the Search button to perform your search. 


Use the Categories select menu to search for resources on a specific subject matter. To search for resources in all categories, do not select any category.

Resource Type

Use the Resource Type select menu to search for resources in a specific format: video, document or website/link. To search for resources in all formats, do not select any resource type.


Use keywords to further refine your search. Keywords will search for matches in resource titles, descriptions and categories.

Results Screen

When you perform a search, matching resources will be displayed on the following screen by resource type—videos, documents, websites/links—in alpha-numerical order. Icons will appear beside each resource type to help you identify what kind of resource it is: