An ACORN Event

6th Annual NS Organic Forum

Date(s) March 14th 9:30am - 3:00pm

Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Co. 2504 Ridge Rd, Wolfville, NS 

6th Annual NS Organic Forum

-Free Admission-

-$10.00 With Lunch- 


ACORN’s Organic Forums are utilized to generate feedback on ACORN's work with its membership, identifying areas of improvement for the organization, as well as to consult organic farmers across the Atlantic Region on challenges they face that require support.  


This year, as well as reviewing what was accomplished by the organization in 2018, ACORN will be presenting our work on an Atlantic Canadian Strategic Plan for the Organic Sector. This plan will help inform Government in encouraging a sustainable future for organics.

While this plan is to be a guide for producers, stakeholders, and government officials specific to the organic sector, ACORN recognizes the need for coordination of efforts across the board in securing a sustainable future for agriculture in the Atlantic Provinces.

ACORN will thus be inviting representatives from the NSFA to join us for the afternoon portion of this year’s Forum, to discuss issues that affect all farmers, hoping to identify common interests, and generate positive cross-sector communication!