About the Network

The Atlantic Farmshare Network / Réseau atlantique de paniers bio is a collective initiative of organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farmers focused on raising awareness about local organic CSAs and supporting the overall CSA movement in Atlantic Canada. Placing an emphasis on promotion, the Network hopes to make it easier for people to sign-up with organic CSAs and to see "CSA" become a household name.

Mission Statement

Through education, outreach, capacity building and resource sharing, the Atlantic Farmshare Network / Réseau atlantique de paniers bio aims to foster solidarity amongst farmers and eaters and to build a sustainable food system for all.

Vision Statement

We envision a future of vibrant community food systems based on local, organic, fair food and viable connections amongst farmers and eaters.

Who is involved?

The initiative is led by ACORN, who consults with an advisory group of CSA farmers and HarvestHand representatives in developing the project.

The Network is still in its beginning stages and efforts are underway to establish a formal membership structure for 2017. 15 farms have already signed up to show their support for the project and have been involved in developing the vision and advancing the mission of making CSA a household name!

You can find full information about their CSAs in our Atlantic Farmshare Directory.

How do I get involved?

Other farmers and CSA supporters are welcome to join us in this initiative - we can’t build this Network alone! Whatever level of support you are able to offer – $35, $50, $100, or more – is welcome support to this project!

Organic CSA farms who make a contribution will receive the following:

  • An enhanced profile in the Atlantic Farmshare Directory
  • Farm and pick-up locations featured on the CSA map
  • Access to the CSA Farmer Discussion Forum
  • Participation in and benefit from organic CSA promotional campaigns
  • Opportunities to offer your input on building the Network!
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