Why Organic?

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) movement is growing rapidly in the Atlantic region. Every year there are more farms offering shares, and more people discovering this unique way of sourcing fresh, local food.

As a CSA supporter, you are automatically supporting local agriculture, but not necessarily organic farms. Signing up with an Atlantic Farmshare Network member assures you are supporting a farm that is certified organic. What's the difference, you say?

Why Organic 1

Why Organic 2

What Members are Saying...

"The best part of being a CSA member is meeting with the people who produce the food face-to-face, and not having to step foot in a supermarket to buy produce. I like that I know where my food is coming from...and I'm challenged to find new ways to use vegetables that I may not have cooked with before."

"I love getting our box each week and then getting to figure out how I can turn it into appropriate meals for us. We eat way healthier this way and we eat things that we otherwise never would have!"

"I never thought I would hear a 9-year-old say, 'Yes, brussel sprouts with squash sauce!' They know where their food comes from and they really feel like they are a part of it."