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What we can learn from weeds for the development of ecological weed management

Wednesday, November 28, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM   

Weeds can tell you a lot about your environment, soil and farming practices. Many of our farming practices create niches for which troublesome agricultural weeds are perfectly adapted. Ecological weed management seeks to minimize weed problems through an understanding of biological and ecological processes taking place in our agroecosystems. The first step to any integrated weed management program is accurate identification. Once identified, an integrated weed management program can be developed which addresses the current weed issues as well as the ecological conditions promoting it. Utilizing “many little hammers”, ecological and integrated weed management programs rely on multiple and diverse tactics such as critical periods, crop rotations and cover crops to manage weeds in the short- and long-term. Through well-organized planning steps, preventative measures, in-season control efforts and continuous adaptation, weeds can be managed in an ecological way that prevents current weed issues from becoming major weed problems.