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Tim Livingstone

Tim Livingstone

Strawberry Hill Farm

Tim Livingstone grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and helped with the care of a variety of livestock.  He also managed pasture for grazing sheep.  His family grew a big vegetable garden every year as he was growing up. He worked for about 20 years in the greenhouse industry primarily raising bedding plants. In 2001, he started with the production of organic soils and then compost and compost teas. In 2004, Tim and Kirsten took training in soil biology and biological farming. This training continued into 2008 and included setting up a laboratory and testing soils. At the same time, Tim worked with growers, landscapers, and farmers to use more biological methods of growing and incorporate compost teas, etc. Ever since his time with the sheep, he’s wanted to have the opportunity to manage pasture again and he loves to take on the challenge of growing crops, now all organically. For three years, Tim developed and grew Jolly Farmer’s outdoor vegetables and was heavily involved in the weekly box program - both as grower and manager. In 2011, he and his wife bought a farm and have since operated it as Strawberry Hill Farm, an organic mixed vegetable and livestock operation in Pembroke, NB.