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John Duynisveld

John Duynisveld

M. Sc. (Agr.), Beef Research Biologist, AAFC Kentville (Nappan)

Mr. Duynisveld has been employed as a Beef Research Biologist with AAFC since 2000. His current research program is focused on improving the use of pasture in beef production systems; he has just received funding for a multi-year Beef Cluster research project on maintaining legumes in a pasture as co-PI with Dr. Yousef Papadopoulos. Significant past research contributions include co-Primary Investigator of a Beef Science Cluster project on forage mixtures for pasture, part of a collaborative research team looking at pasture and oil supplementation for developing a high-value lamb, residual feed intake in beef cattle, co-investigator to develop feeding regimes for a regional beef value chain (Atlantic Beef), investigator in several research projects to enhance the healthfulness for beef fat using pasture as well as oilseeds, and co-investigator in designing a remote, automated animal weighing system for use on pasture. He has 21 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 39 scientific abstracts, and over 220 technical transfer presentations and trade publications. He was part of a national team on year-round grazing of beef cattle to receive a Golden Harvest Award in 2008. In addition to his work at AAFC, Mr. Duynisveld also manages a grass-based meat farm with his family in Wallace, Nova Scotia, raising grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry and pigs.