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Brezlyn Knockwood

Brezlyn Knockwood

Epekwitk Garden and Preserves

Brezlyn was born on July 4, 1995, and currently lives in Scotchfort, PEI. In 2014, Brezlyn started being mentored at Shepherd’s Farm (Organic Farm) in all aspects of soil preparation, soil fertility, making compost, planting, maintenance of vegetables and small fruits. In 2015, Brezlyn transferred his knowledge from working on Shepherd’s Farm to developing a 5-acre garden known as Abegweit Garden, located on the Scotchfort Reserve. The Epekwitk Gardens & Preserves Social Enterprise is funded through Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI -
Employment Services Division. The garden is being used to teach daycare children thru to young adults, the importance of growing healthy food locally. All produce grown in the garden is being used within the community as well as sold off the reserve. This past year the Abegweit Garden’s primary focus has been marketing of produce, value adding, catering food events and food security.