100% Organic Banquet

Each year, ACORN hosts an organic banquet during the keynote address at the conference.

We are committed to sourcing 100% organic food, with most of it coming from the Atlantic Provinces. 

Banquet Raffle

This year, ACORN wants you to have more chances to win, so we’re featuring multiple raffle prizes at this year’s banquet!  Stop by the book table in the registration lobby to check out the prizes and buy your tickets! Alternatively, you can take advantage of pop-up sales from our volunteers during breaks. A special thank you goes out to our many gift donors for supporting this fundraiser. Winners will be announced at the Banquet.


Registration Lobby - Book Table

Delta Prince Edward, Charlottetown

Monday & Tuesday, November 26 & 27th

Tickets: 1 for $2 or 3 for $5

Keynote Address: “Building Bridges”

Messaging beyond our tribe requires that we identify fears and fantasies shared by everyone.  By showing how ecological farming and integrity food production answer those commonalities, we build bridges rather than roadblocks. Honey (or maple syrup) always attracts more flies than vinegar, so positive messaging is key to persuasion. We can’t just be against things; we must be for things. And our objective must be attractive and captivating. In this whimsical and dramatic presentation, the lunatic farmer offers compelling sound bites and talking points.

Coles-Gray Room

Delta Prince Edward, Charlottetown

Tuesday, November 27th

8:00 PM: Keynote Address

Tickets for the keynote address (excluding the banquet dinner): $25

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