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Bethany Garden New Grower Program

October 11, 2016  |  Jobs & Opportunities

The Bethany Garden New Grower Program is seeking motivated individuals who want an opportunity to learn about gardening as a career.  The garden is set up with raised beds, irrigation, deer fence, and greenhouses.  A barn near the garden houses many tools, including a BCS walking tractor and implements.  There is also a walk in cooler and a vegetable processing area.  High quality compost, cover crop seed, electricity and water are included.

Participants pay a fee of $4,000 or 50% of gross sales, whichever is less, and purchase seeds, fuel and other consumables.

If you are in transition between apprenticing on farms and starting your own market garden, this is a perfect learning opportunity for you.  You also get access to two experienced market gardeners as mentors.  If you are from out of the area, we will do our best to help you find a place to live near by.  The Bethany Garden is located right in the dynamic university town of Antigonish NS.

To apply, please send a résumé and letter of intent to Jen Greenberg (  Apply early!  We will begin interviews as soon as we get promising applicants, and we will make selections as soon as we find the right candidate(s).


Caretakers wanted for our rural property on North shore of NS for all of 2017

October 05, 2016  | 

Are you are wanting to live the rural farming life but can't afford to purchase/lease land? We have an opportunity for interested person(s), e.g. a couple. We are seeking caretakers for our farm while we volunteer overseas for ALL of 2017. We offer a place to stay for free & you do market gardening in exchange for taking care of our cats, dogs, chickens. References, security deposit, love of animals, experience with wood stove, cover own utilities required.
Phone 902-351-3183

Free range layer flock for sale

October 04, 2016  | 

40 free-range hens. 20 Barred Rock x New Hampshires 8 New Hampshires 9 Black Stars,4 Aracaunas and 1 SilverSpangled Hamburg rooster. BRxNHs are 18 months old; the rest are 2 years. From a closed flock in with very good genetics (Frye’s in ON & Murray McMurray in Iowa). Currently laying 2 to 3 dozen eggs per day. Offered as a package for $100. Includes feeders, fountains, and water heaters . An excellent starter flock for someone just getting into the layer business. Hood Farm, Lower Queensbury
Phone 506.363.5774

New Store Opened in Miramichi, NB

September 15, 2016  |  For Sale

Come in and see our great selection of organic, locally produced, fair-trade, all natural, eco-friendly, chemical free products. Looking for more local producers as well, so give me a call at 506-625-6790 (Kim) if you have some great products you would like to share. Beautiful historical building located on the square in Newcastle (102 Ellen Street).
Phone 5066256790

Feed Grade Hullless Oats

September 12, 2016  |  For Sale

Feed Grade Hulless Oats available for sale from Speerville Flour Mill - 16% to 17% protein.

For more information, call Corey at 866-277-6371.

Phone 866-277-6371

Wanted: Food and Feed Grade Crops

September 02, 2016  |  Wanted

Field Farms Marketing Ltd. has competitive prices for your Food & Feed grade crops: Wheat, Soybeans, Spelt, Buckwheat and others. We pick up farm gate & payment terms are 10 business days. Please contact or call 519-882-2976. References available.

Phone 519-882-2976

Native trees and Shrubs for sale

September 02, 2016  |  For Sale

For Sale: Potted, native trees and shrubs; birch, oak, maple, ash, sumac, pine, fir, spruce, hemlock, larch, serviceberry, yews, blueberry, elderberry, raspberries, and wild rose: Prices, availability, sizes, at; Inquiries - 423-5000 (Ron) or

Phone 902-423-5000

Greenhouse Supplies

September 02, 2016  |  For Sale

For Sale: Supplies for starter greenhouse structures to commercial sizes. Snow load/wind load rated for Atlantic Canada. All equipment and hardware- 10,000 items plus. Poly sold by the linear foot- 4year rated, 6mil. Free quotes/consultations available. For more details, please contact Octa Greenhouse Sales Ltd. Paul/Elaine Bourque at 902-667-5940 or email

Phone 902-667-5940

For Sale: Organic Hulless Oats

September 02, 2016  |  For Sale

Organic Hulless Oats, cleaned, weed-free, and good quality. Available whole, ground, or rolled. Certified by ACO. Call 902-357-2359 or email

Phone 902-357-2359

Land For Sale

September 02, 2016  |  For Sale

Wonderful 100 acre woodlot, home, professional 18' X 24' greenhouse, garden, woodworking shop - for sale in Glencoe Mills Cape Breton, 20 km. off Rte. 19, Mabou. Our handmade homestead since 1971. Wood heat only, vegetables grown all year round, sustainable hand-harvesting of firewood only, woods mostly untouched for 45 years. Drilled great water well, & driveway newly ditched and gravelled Fall 2015. Garden equipment and other stuff included. We are looking for person(s) to continue same, only younger; we now live 45 km. "down the road" in winter and are beginning retirement. Please contact me, Carolyn Mudge, PO Box 127, Mabou, NS B0E 1X0, or by email or call 902 258-3042.


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ACORN classified listings are posted here on our website and are sent out monthly in the ACORN e-newsletter to over 3000 subscribers.

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